Scent Description:

Feels like a complex story of the shore cliffs unfolding on your skin. This scent is deeply rooted and enduring. Like the earth beneath your feet. Sandalwood washes up with a an oak moss undertone that will lead you on a journey into the essence of your being.

Gold Moss Scrubbers will love the subtle, sweet, yet spicy upswing that keeps bringing you back.



Hemlock Trail

Scent Description:

Walk with the Squatch down a trail plush with Spruce Hemlocks and crunchy needles beneath your feet. Bring up the pace of your stroll to a gant with excitement and energy when the invigorating citrus hits you. Then sit back and relax in your cabin made of crisp and rejuvenating Cedar logs.

If you’re a Pine Tar kind of guy this is the cologne for you. Put a fresh cut piece of wood on the fire that you are. 


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Cologne Samples

About the Cologne:

Not sure if our Cologne is a good fit with your man musk? Take it for a test splash with our Cologne samples.  A 1ml vial of each cologne Hemlock Trail and Driftwood will give you a few days use of each more

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