What is in the soap?

Our natural soap bars are made primarily from the following five natural oils which are the base for all of our soaps:

  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Soybean Oil
  • Hemp Oil
  • Shea Butter

We find that these oils represent the best combination of nutrients and vitamins to keep your skin healthy and soft. Soaps also contain lye which is naturally removed during the saponification process. Most soaps also contain essential oils or fragrance oils that are gentle on your skin.

What is the size of your soap?

All bars are approximately 5oz in weight. It is designed to fit in your hand without feeling too small.

How long will your soaps last?

Soaps should last between 2-4 weeks worth of daily use. Why the big spread? Soap duration depends on a lot of things including: usage, number of users, water type and storage. The best way to preserve the soap for long use is to use it with a sasquatch soap saver!

Do you use animal products in your soap?

Generally no. We do offer a Goat's Milk and a Greek Yogurt soap that are delicious and moisturizing. None of our other soaps contain animal products. All of the other oils in our soap are vegetable based.


Whats the best way to store the soap in the shower?

To prolong the life of the soap store in a place where it can dry between use. The key is to find a way to store the soap so that air can circulate around it.  Check out our sasquatch soap saver that is designed for just this reason!

How do I get the most lathery suds from my soap?

If you have a soap mitt, loofa, or wash cloth, go ahead and lather away with one of those. Soap mitts are great and can be a great way to get lather from a soap bar. A cheap alternative is your man beard or other body hair. Through my use of our soaps I have found these to be great ways to generate a good lather.

Can I use the soap on my hair and face?

Yes. Our soap ingredients are natural and safe for the skin. Hemp oil in particular can actually help strengthen the hair and nails. So by all means go ahead and try on your hair. Particularly for guys with short hair it should work great.

The soap is also safe for your face and won't over dry it.


What can I expect from shipping?

All orders of quantity 1-2 bars are shipped via US First Class Mail. If you order 3 or more bars, these orders are shipped via US Priority mail in the flat rate padded envelopes. If you desire a quicker shipping method, please contact us after your purchase, or place a note in the Paypal description box as you enter your order.

What are the payment methods?

We currently accept all major credit cards through our Shopify checkout which is SSL encrypted and Payment Card Industry compliant for your security.  In addition we also offer payment through paypal.

Do I need to register with your site to place an order?

No. We know that passwords are a pain.  However if you want the convenience to quickly order you can setup an account.